Lee Relvas
Detail from "The Bounty"
Watercolor and Gouache on Paper
18" by 24"
Many of these paintings are included in the Gay Genius Comics Anthology, edited by Annie Murphy, published by Sparkplug Comic Books, and includes many of your favorite artists. Order yours today!

This series-in-progress was begun in 2009 and was shown most recently at my solo show Kinship Structures at Win Wilder Hall, a new artist-run space in Maine curated by Joshua Cardoso and Ashley Seelig. The series was first shown in the exhibition "Church, Salad, Exercise", curated by Bert Stabler for the Co-Prosperity Sphere in Chicago. It was also shown in the exhibition "Every Body:Visual Resistance in Feminist Health Movements 1969-2009", curated by Bonnie Fortune for ISpace in Chicago.
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