Lee Relvas
"Understudy""Understudy""Understudy" "Understudy""Understudy"The Porous WorldThe Porous WorldThe Porous WorldExhaust Yourself LP sleeve"From the Ocean" 
from the Rind album Exhaust Yourself
"From the Lover"
from the Rind album "Exhaust Yourself""From the Executive" 
from the Rind album Exhaust Yourself
Rind is the solo music project of Lee Relvas.

The EP Understudy was digitally released on February 3rd 2014. To download the album, read the lyrics, and see more pictures, please visit www.rindsound.com.

Rind often incorporates visual elements into her performances. The most recent Rind performance is called The Porous World, first performed for Blasting Voice, the performance series curated by Ashland Mines (Total Freedom) for The Suzanne Geiss Company, NYC. Watch video excepts from The Porous World here.

Rind's first full-length release as a solo project was an LP was entitled "Exhaust Yourself" released in November 2011 from Rotted Tooth Recordings, in an edition of 250 copies pressed on clear vinyl, with hand-screenprinted album sleeves. You can order the record here.
Download the album for free here. Read reviews of the album here and here.

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